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Organic Connections magazine is an award-winning publication brought to you by Natural Vitality—a purpose-driven human nutrition company. Our core belief is that you can’t be fully healthy in an unhealthy environment. We produce Organic Connections to help inspire and educate readers with profiles of people working to make our world healthier and more sustainable. Click here to sign up for a free subscription!
Current Features
Gotham Greens: Sustainable Farming in the Big Apple
Our system of factory agriculture is exacting a great toll on our planet: 40 percent of the land and 70 percent of the fresh water on Earth is devoted to the growing of food, which, in the process, creates some 30 percent of greenhouse gases...
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Luis Pacheco, MD: Facing the Hispanic Health Crisis
When Dr. Luis Pacheco throws a health fair in East L.A., people come. Mainly it's women, but the men come too, joining a long line to see the good doctor. When they finally get their face time, the news is usually bad...
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The Lappés: Big Solutions for a Small Planet
Despite the billions of dollars spent by mega-corporations in an effort to promote and keep the unsustainable industrial food system in place, there is growing recognition of the need to radically change the way we produce and consume food...
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Video of the Month: American Meat Trailer
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