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Welcome to Nature's Oasis... Locally Owned Since 1993

Since 1993

Offering the Largest and Highest-Quality Selection of
Natural and Organic Products in the Four Corners Region

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Local Produce Still Arriving!


20% OFF These Organic Fair Trade Items
Cloves Powder
Nutmeg, Ground
Cocoa Powder
China Green Tea
Earl Grey Tea

Grocery Savings
Organic Packaged Coffee | $6.99, reg. $10.49
Organic Packaged Decaf Coffee | $8.99, reg. $13.99
Organic Chocoalte Bars | $2.99, reg. $4.39
High Country Kombucha  | $2.49, reg. $2.75
Rumiano Organic Cheese Sliced | $2.79, $reg. 3.39
Rumiano Organic Cheese Blocks | $3.65, reg. $4.29

Organic Bulk
Tamari Almonds | $13.99/lb, reg. $15.45
Pearled Barley | 1.29/lb, reg. $1.59
Millet | 1.39/lb, reg. $1.65

Featured Stories
Enhancing Diet
Just like any of our bodily processes, our immune system relies upon good nutrition to function at its best. Optimal digestion occurs when we chew our food thoroughly, eat in a relaxed manner, eat nutrient-rich foods that contain their own enzymes (raw foods), and avoid processed and synthetic foods that can inflame the digestive tract and do not contain sufficient immune-enhancing nutrients. Maintaining healthy digestion and eating a nutritious diet will create more vigorous immune function.

Healthy Lifestyle Before Pregnancy May Cut Gestational Diabetes Risk
Healthy lifestyle habits could prevent about half of all diabetes cases that develop during pregnancy, a new study finds.
8 Tips to Ease Your Skin into Fall -- Beautifully!
Proper topical skin care will certainly help keep your complexion and body feeling and looking good, but don't forget beauty from within. Taking care of yourself internally can be the key to healthy skin from head to toe.
Nature's Oasis Health Tips
Winter weather stress
In the winter, your body is under added stress because of cold weather. The cold puts greater metabolic demands on your body than warmer temperatures. Sometimes you feel sluggish from inactivity, so it’s doubly important to exercise during cold winter months as a way to keep fit, regain energy, sweat a little, and detoxify.

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